ACT Study Group

Day: Thursday – 3 Weeks Prior to ACT Exam, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 274
Sponsor: John Cox

AG Club

Day: Wednesday – Bi-Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 264
Sponsor: Laurie Barnes


Day: Monday – Bi-Weekly, 8:00 AM
Location: LPAC
Sponsors: PJ Book, Connie Freudenberg, Shelly Pick, Raina Volkmer


Day: Monday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 152
Sponsors: Laurie Rodaway, Molly McPhillips


Day: Monday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 274
Sponsor: John Cox


Location: Sun Valley Lanes
Sponsor: Larry Punteney

Boys Barbershop

Day: Friday, Weekly – 5th Period Study Halls
Location: Music Room
Sponsor: Todd Krier

Campus Ministry

Day: Tuesday- Weekly, 7:20 AM
Location: St. Teresa Room
Sponsors: Fr. Bernardo


Day: Tuesday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 274
Sponsor: John Cox

Club World Aid

Day: Tuesday – Weekly, 7:30 AM
Location: Room 257
Sponsor: Jenn Tran


Day: Tuesday – 2nd Sem., Evenings
Location: Off-Campus
Sponsor: Ryan Psota

Fellowship Friday

Day: Friday, Weekly, 7:20 AM
Location: Room 008
Sponsors: Fr. Bernardo

Future Authors

Day: Thursday – Weekly, 3:40 PM
Location: Room 254
Sponsor: Caycee Hays

History Club

Day: Every other Friday, 7:20 a.m.
Location: Room 276
Sponsor: Jim Bertrand

Honor Guard

Day: Wednesday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Chapel
Sponsor: Father Bernardo

Junior Achievement

Sponsor: Ryan Psota

Key Club

Day: Sunday – Monthly, 6 PM
Location: Commons
Sponsor: Carmen Goeden


Day: Tuesday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 271
Sponsors: Georgia Miller


Day: Saturday – Monthly, 10 a.m.
Location: Various Coffee Shops
Sponsor: Jenn Tran


Day: Tuesday or Friday – Weekly, 7:30 AM(Tu)/3:30 PM(F)
Location: Room 204
Sponsor: Danielle Karre


Day: Thursday – 2nd/4th Thursday, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 270
Sponsor: Shari Schneider

Mock Trial

Day: Thursday – 2nd/4th Thursday, 6:30 PM
Location: Room 108
Sponsor: Harlan Milder

National Honor Society

Sponsor: Tom Seib


Day: Friday, Varies, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 276
Sponsor: Jeremy Scheffler

Passport to Adventure

Day: Monday/Tuesday – Last Mon/Tue of Month, 6:00 PM
Location: Various Ethnic Restaurants
Sponsor: Shiela Sievert

Pius Players

Sponsor: Joe Moser

Retreat Team

Sponsor: Jeff Schinstock


Day: Meets daily during winter sports season
Sponsor: George O’Boyle

Sign Language

Day: Wednesday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 274
Sponsor: John Cox


Day: Thursday – 1st/3rd Thursday, 7:30 AM
Location: Room 201
Sponsors: Erin Andrus, Connie Freudenberg


Day: Wednesday – Weekly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 155
Sponsors: Tracy Chapelle, Katie Hayes

Speech Team

Day: Monday – Weekly, 7:00 PM
Location: Room 211
Sponsor: Nolan DeWispelare


Day: Tuesday – Bi-Monthly, 3:30 PM
Location: Room 200
Sponsors: Jamie Reed, Alex Adams

Student Council

Day: Wednesday – Weekly, 7:30 AM
Location: Library
Sponsors: Susan Kelly, Brianna Golka

Students for Life

Day: Wednesday – Varies, 7:30 p.m.
Location: Room 008
Sponsors: Karen Bonkiewicz, Katerina Jakub

Trap Shooting

Day: T/Th/Sat – Weekly, 4-6 PM
Location: Izaak Walton
Sponsor: Craig Keaschall

VEX Robotics Club

Day: M-F – Daily, 3:30 PM – 6:00PM
Location: Room 208
Sponsor: Brian Swanigan