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X-Perience Box: Onstage disasters

Author: Meredith Gamet, staff writer, Xchange

In less than three weeks, Pius Players will be putting their mark on the annual Fall Play. “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play and American classic, reflects on the everyday lives of average citizens.

Throughout the story, the audience gets to experience the people of Grover’s Corners. It only seems right to become acquainted with the cast members this fall, by bring back some of their favorite unscripted moments from past productions.

Aaron Vrbka, Junior

“I think my most embarrassing moment was last year during ‘Man Who Came To Dinner’ and it was during a scene and Rosie Lang and I were siblings and always entered together/after me. There was this one entrance where I was talking to Nick McConnell and after one line I had to say Rosie was supposed to walk out. But she didn’t walk out for like 30 seconds to a minute. So Nick and I just made up lines- but Nick comes out of nowhere saying this whole, complex thing and sounds really smart and I’m like ‘oh hey Mr. Whiteside um how’s it goin?’ and I didn’t know what to do because I was just a little sophomore ‘like what’ and then Rosie walks in and was like ‘oh my gosh’ but it was so funny.”

Rodney Cruz, Senior

“Parker Dodson came up to me, and this was during the Fall Play last year, “Man Who Came to Dinner” and originally he was just supposed to grab me and lean in, but he grabbed me and like legit kissed me on stage- it was awkward…”

Ian Mitchell, Junior

“Freshman year it was our spring musical and it was our biggest dance number. Me and a few other guys had to do cartwheels on stage, and my pants were a little too tight. So as I was doing my cartwheel all the sudden I go up and my legs are apart and they just *click* even further apart. My pants ripped down the center, and my pants were a weird material so they could barely be fixed. I had to run off stage right after that and tried to get them fixed before the next scene I was in.”

Greta Rosno, Junior

“I was in middle school and I was up on stage for this end of the year party. Anyways we had to dance to this song and I was up there with a whole bunch of people, but me being me I kind of just biffed the entire dance and everybody knew it. As an eighth grader and was a leader in this event and then I got called out by my religion teacher.. It was great, so much fun… So embarrassed.”

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