Campus Ministry Team

  • Campus Ministry Team applications for 2019-2020 will open in the spring!
  • Mission Statement- To serve the Pius family by providing avenues for a deeper faith life and a profound encounter with the person of Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • Motto- “To know Him and to be changed by Him”

campus ministry faithObjectives:

  • To live and model true discipleship in Christ, fulfilling the Church’s deepest identity of evangelization.
  • To provide opportunities for personal spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with Christ through prayer, retreats, service, and fellowship.
  • To cultivate the spiritual and sacramental life of the school community.
  • To equip and urge the members of the Pius family to preach and defend the Gospel and the Church’s teachings, especially in matters of morality and justice.
  • To be an extension of the catechesis in the classroom and connect intellectual knowledge to daily living and personal love of Jesus and His Church.
  • To build personal relationships and foster genuine fellowship