Owning Your Faith

Students will be involved in many faith-based activities such as regular mass, adoration, confession, prayer time at the beginning of every class and more. But in order for students to thrive in their faith during and after high school, they are encouraged to make their faith their own!

Owning your own faith typically involves developing your own strategies for being open to God’s word (regular schedule of silent time, prayer, devotions, confession, etc.), and participating in faith-based activities that fit your personal interests (an activity that allows you to bond with other like-minded individuals, such as theater, music, sports and more).

When students graduate high school, a large part of their structured faith life (school) is removed. Anecdotal and scientific research focused on college students staying active in their faith points to them purposely seeking out a Newman Center at a university, or a Catholic bible study, or even becoming involved in the local Catholic church.

At Pius X, students have many opportunities to lay that foundation that transcends the normal high school experience, and is truly their own upon graduation.

Fr. Joseph Bernardo Pius X campus chaplain

Fr. Joseph Bernardo
Campus Chaplain

claire howington pius x campus ministry

Claire Howington
Campus Ministry

Faith-based Activities at Pius X

Friday Morning Get Togethers

Donuts, faith sharing, friendship and donuts!

Helping at Mass

Serve during Mass , assisting with processional, communion, and other key roles.


A day-long retreat involving activities, service and friends.

Pro-Life Club


Praise & Worship

March for Life

Words on faith ... from Pius X Alumni

"While in college you struggle balancing your faith life with everything else going on. But I do think Pius X helped me make a strong relationship with God before heading off to college."

Madison Montanez, 2014

I think Pius X taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people that I wish to be more like ... I think that Pius X gave me a good foundation of finding my faith and letting me make my faith my own."

Alyson Matulka, 2015

"Once I got to college I realized that I had to make my faith my own that it wasn't going to be done for me like at Pius X. So in order to dive deeper into my faith I had to put in more effort and really want to be involved in my faith."

Chad Berens, 2014