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Creative suggestions from art students to be inspired

Being Creative is key in all areas of life. Since Sept. 9-16 is National Arts in Education Week, art students at Pius X offered their tips on being creative, based on how they find inspiration themselves. Learn more about our Art Department.

How do you get creative? 

Noah Logsdon, Junior, North American Martyrs 

“I look at my surroundings, how everything is, and I go more to modern stuff and if I see something, I try to make it even better than what I already was. I try to make it mine, in my own way, so you can distinctly see that it is mine.” 

Ellen Stephens, Senior, North American Martyrs 

“I take inspiration from things around me. I have an active imagination, so that kind of helps. I get inspiration from literature and other forms of art. I could see something and be like, ‘Oh, I want draw that.’ So I’m looking at an outside thing and creating that internally.” 

Jason Kolbus, Sophomore 

“Probably through personality and being myself. I like to think out of the box and abstract. I like to do a lot of things off of Bob Ross and people like that, so love to do oil painting. So what I see, or how I feel certain days; it can be a happy day, or gloomy day, and base it off of that.” 

Mia Herbert, Junior 

“I would just go with what I’m thinking at that time. So if I’m thinking nature, I’ll pick something out of there, and draw off that. I just think of what pops up, and I don’t think I really get stuck a lot; I just do what I’m thinking.” 

Megan Liska, Junior, St. Joseph 

“I usually draw when I need a break from something, like from homework, so I usually try to do different that will challenge me, so I draw people a lot, and li like to mix it up.” 

Alondra Garcia, Junior, St. Theresa

“I look around for pictures, something with vivid colors, something that stands out to me, or I look outside because I draw nature scenes, mostly trees or leaves. I also like beaches. I listen to music, and for something that stands out to me, and that leads me to draw something. 

Avry Victor, Senior, Cathedral of the Risen Christ 

“I tend to get a lot of my inspiration mostly from the music I listen to, and also social media influences me a lot with the imagery that I see.” 

Victoria Kruse, Senior, Sacred Heart 

“I watch a movie, ‘Star Wars,’ because I like the characters and the costumes” 

Adelina Herrera, Junior, St. Theresa 

“I get my inspiration from nature, I guess, like the world around me.” 

Hannah Frank, Senior, St. Joseph 

“When I need to be creative I go on social media and find something I like, something that speaks to me. I usually take a bunch of pictures I like and make an inspiration board, and then I take things that I like from each picture.” 

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