Alumni Basketball Tournament

March 15-16, 2019

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The 14th Annual Alumni Basketball Tournament will be held March 15th and 16th, 2019.

Alumni Basketball Tournament Rules

  1. Games will consist of 20 minute running halves and a 5 minute halftime.  The clock will stop only for the whistle during the last two minutes of the second half only, if game score is within 12 points.

  2. Shooting fouls and intentional fouls will be shot the entire game.  One-and-one fouls will be shot during the last two minutes of the second half only.

  3. Full court defense is not allowed after a made basket and dead ball situation until the last two minutes of the second half.

  4. Substitutions can be made only during a dead ball situation.

  5. Each team will receive two timeouts for the entire game.

  6. The three point line will be used.  Both feet must be clearly behind the line when the shot goes up.  Referee’s decision on 3s will be final.

  7. Each player will be allowed 5 fouls, after which he is eliminated from the game.  If a player fouls out and his team has less than five players to play, he may continue to play, with each new foul resulting in two shots and the ball for the opposing team.

  8. Games tied at the end of regulation will go to an overtime period.  Overtime will be the first team to score 7 points.  A coin toss will decide who gets the ball first.  One time out is allowed for each team.  All fouls will be 2 shot fouls.

  9. No player can play in a game until the waiver form is signed and the entry fee is paid.  Failure to comply will result in suspension of remaining games and tourney for next year.

  10. If a player is bleeding, they must leave the court until the blood stops.

  11. No warm up basketballs will be provided. 

  12. The older team gets the ball to start the game.

  13. Remember, the games and the tournament are to be played with Good Sportsmanship and Fellowship!

  14. We will try to provide scoreboard and scoresheet workers.  If unavailable, teams should be prepared to help at scorer’s table.

  15. Rules can be adjusted at discretion of tourney organizers

Pool Play Tiebreaker Rules

  1. Team with the best record goes to the Championship.

  2. If 2 teams tie for the best record, team that won head to head goes to Championship.

  3. If 3 teams tie for best record, team with largest average margin of victory in the 3 games goes to the Championship.

  4. If ties still exist, coin flips will occur at the discretion of the tourney organizers.