School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP)

Mission Statement
The mission of the Pius X SCIP Team is expressed in the motto of St. Pius X: “Restore all things in Christ!” To help guide students to this end successfully, our team will encourage their total (spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional) development and assist students in overcoming personal challenges with drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, relationships or academics. We will strive to achieve this through communication with the student, parents and potential referral organizations.
School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP) is a valuable resources. SCIP works with schools in Lincoln, Lancaster County, and throughout Nebraska to identify students who are experiencing difficulties meeting scholastic expectations. For more information about SCIP, please visit School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP) or contact the Pius X SCIP Team coordinator at 402-488-0931 or via email below.
Contact A SCIP Team Member Parent Referral Form
Erin Andrus (SCIP Coordinator) Teacher Referal Form
Laurie Barnes Student Referral Form
Connie Freudenberg (SCIP Coordinator)
Kole Harrach
Greg Lesiak (School Administrator)
Shelly Pick
Amy Shonka
Raina Volkmer
When to Initiate a SCIP Referral:Maybe you’ve overheard your child’s friend comment on their use of drugs or alcohol. Perhaps you’ve heard repeatedly that a particular student is drinking. Maybe your child seems depressed and they just can’t seem to get past those feelings. Maybe your child’s grades have suddenly dropped and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. Maybe you are getting the feeling that something is wrong, but you just can’t put your finger on exactly what. Filling out a confidential SCIP referral form or contacting a SCIP team member may be good places to begin. **Remembered, a referral to SCIP does not always indicate a student has a problem with alcohol and/or drugs! How To Initiate a SCIP Referral: You have several choices for initiating a SCIP referral. Print and complete the appropriate referral form from the choices above and mail it to the SCIP Coordinator at: SCIP Coordinator Pius X High School 6000 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510 Referral forms can also be found in the Guidance Office at Pius X and placed in the locked SCIP box located there. Contact one of the SCIP Team Members directly, at 402-488-0931 during the regular school day, or you might consider contacting one of us via e-mail.