Launch Leadership event helps develop life skills for Pius X students

Twenty-one Pius X High School students went to the June and July Launch Leadership high school summer workshops held at Wayne State College in Wayne, Neb. It was a week-long workshop featuring featuring highly interactive and hands on activities regarding the practice of communication, leadership skills, time management, values clarification, and other life skills.

The seniors participated in an Activism Awareness Fair with booths designed to educate other students and share their passions, from mental health and social media to pro life.

June Delegates for Leadership Workshop

  • Eli Gueret, Freshman
  • Emma Ogea, Junior
  • Franklin Thomas, Junior
  • Julia Wordekemper, Junior
  • Laura Vrbka, Junior
  • Molly Butler, Junior

July Delegates for Advanced Leadership Workshop

  • Cameron Jarnagin, Senior
  • Sam Rice, Senior
  • Ethan Schepers, Senior
  • Noah Wilger, Senior
  • Barret Meeks, Senior
  • Nathan Snitily, Senior
  • Braydon Williams, Senior
  • Kendall Scott, Senior
  • Maddie Zaborowski, Junior
  • Ella Hagen, Junior
  • Maggie Barie, Junior
  • Clare Plachy, Sophomore
  • Joseph Plachy, Sophomore
  • Gracyn Scott, Sophomore
  • Aly Woita, Freshman

You can learn more about Launch Leadership on their website:

leadership launch wayne state college life skills
leadership launch wayne state college life skills

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