Applying for scholarships (with friends)

For three days this week, waves of students are grabbing snacks, entering for a drawing, and applying for college scholarships, all thanks to an effort by guidance counselors at Pius X High School.

Counselors arranged for 15 laptop computers setup in a school conference room. Students can pick up instructions on paper, or logon to their Naviance account.

Senior Brittney Walker (St. Joseph’s School) is already set on attending Benedictine College to study nursing. She’s trying to find that same motivation to apply for scholarships.

“It’s really hard for me to do it while I am at home because sometimes I feel like I am busy with other schoolwork, so it’s nice to carve out the time and come to an environment where everybody is doing the same thing,” Walker said.

This event ties in perfectly with how guidance counselors typically help students, but it allows more immediate help with specific questions.

For example, is a student’s GPA weighted or un-weighted? How do I get an electronic copy of my transcript? What do I put in for job end date if I’m still working at that job?

All good questions, and all are answered on the spot.

“We do a lot of trying to help the kids with the college process, but with scholarships, we’re making sure financially they can be in good shape, as well,” Sederberg said.

Each scholarship asks different questions, and has different requirements, and even have different formats, like email vs. online vs. paper. This event allows Walker and others to take another step toward life after high school, and do so with confidence.

“I feel emotionally I’m ready to go, but financially I definitely need to work harder at applying for scholarships, and find that motivation again,” Walker said. “But I’m ready for the next step.