All Souls Mass for Pius X Deceased Alumni

November 2, 2018

Each year, Pius X High School has a Mass for our deceased alumni and a reception to honor all the Pius X Alumni who have passed away.  Pius X currently has 361 deceased alumni that we are aware of, since the first graduating class in 1957. This year our All Soul’s Mass will be held on November 2, 2018 at the 9:20 a.m. all school Mass. The Mass will be celebrated to pray for the happy repose of the souls of all deceased, but in particular, members of the Pius X family who have passed away. The names, class year and pictures of our deceased alumni and a listing of Pius’ named scholarships established in memory of Pius loved ones will be shown on a slideshow before and after Mass. Also during the Mass we will have long stemmed flowers available for our guests to bring up during the offertory to be placed in a vase in memory of your loved one with a special message attached that you can prepare beforehand.  This arrangement is later placed in the Pius X Chapel.  The flowers have been generously provided by Butherus, Maser and Love Funeral Home and Stem Gallery. All family members of our deceased Pius X alumni are invited to share in this special Mass with us.  The following is a list of all of our deceased alumni as of October 30, 2017. 

Those that are bolded have been added to our deceased Alumni List since last year:

William Bliss, Philip Breitfelder, Cecelia (Matthews) Campbell, Mary (Ryan) Kalivoda, James Kost, Jane (Mahoney) Neal, Mike McAdams, Elizabeth McGinley, George Miller, Eugene Neal, Gerald Nehe, Larry O’Brien, Phyllis Osting and Richard Weygint.

William Cavitt, Thomas Clare, Patricia Dean, Donald Houser, Robert Hussey, John Kerr, Robert Lane, Joseph McWilliams, Nannette (Walling) Pryzmus, John Riggs, Lucille (Means) Schmucker, Barb (Jorgensen) Spence-O’Donnell, Glenn Travnicek, Dale Venhaus, and Robert Woods

Robert Avey, David Bauer, Gerald “Jere” Carey, Gary Champoux, Donald Dolezal, Sidney Maynard,  Rosalie (Fick) Mitchell, Don Mustard, Arthur Ostdiek, Ronald Schneider, Gary Tiehen,  Viv (Noonan) Walters, and Eugene Zadina

Michael Anderson, Thomas Barrett, Robert Buchler, John Byington, Jeanne (Thorough) Childe, Evelyn (Hansen) Chinick, Dennis Dolezal, Lawrence “Mick” Donovan, Melvin Hindera, Betty (Marik) Hruska, Carol (Stall) Knoflicek, Lawrence Kreifels, Jean (Champoux) Lapp, Michael Larchick, Charlene (Schramm) Minzel, Thomas Mobley, Gloria (Goffena) Nelson, Delila (Ward) Porter, Beverly Stemper and Steven Willet

Henry Ahlgrim, Lawrence Arth, Michael Brown, Mary (McCoy) Ehrhardt, Joseph Gaughn, Thomas Hindera, Joel Kortus, Rex Mudd, Larry Navratil, Tom Neal, Mary Ann (Pratt) Tibbs, William Tracy, Gary Vampola and Beverly (Strangl) Walker

Bev (Schultz) Alexander, Shannon (Van Ackeren) Al-Hagari, Jane (Ostdiek) Auman, Cheryl (Navin) Berberet, Bob Brodecky, Bob Dubas, Sharon (Aksamit) Glassman, Peg (Knopp) Hannah, Otellia (Joosten) Hogan, James Kelley, Judy Knopp, Mary Pat (Sullivan) Matisons, Richard Mulligan, Robert Murphy, James Nehe, Jose-Luis Prendes, Michael Prokop, Sandra Riley, Canuto “Ken” Sanchez, Mike Simpkins, Robert Sparks, Delores (Eskey) Sweley and Janice (Price) Treadway

Mary Aten, Patrick Baroch, James Carter, John Ceraolo, Ronald Champoux, Dick Chelchowski, Mary Jane (Beals) Donnelly, Helen Dupont, Larry Hall, Kenneth Hartz, Thomas Kilday, Miguel Mendez and Mary Noha

John Bailey, Stephen Briggs, Mark Cunningham, Lila (Wall) Deraad, Marianna (McEntarffer) Dvorak, Connie (Piccolo) Ebbeka, Miriam (Pope) Fullerton, John Gorges, Stephanie (Cooke) Hackett, John Hanigan, Richard Hanlon, Richard Harrington, Mary (Glenn) Kennedy, Colette Malolepsky, JoAnn (Focht) McGovern, Francis McMahon, Mary “Kathie” (Rierden) Nelson, Michael Reinig, Virginia (Lehr) Rogers, Ruth Shimonkevitz, Daniel Smith, Rosemary (Lyons) Stahr, Mike Toughill, Jean (Winn) Ulrick, William Wagner and Paul York

Gloria (Enright) Carstens, Thomas Casey, Bill Chadderdon, Dayle Churchill, Suzanne (Haberlan) Dolan, Ardie (Titterington) Eitel, Thomas Hadwick, Thomas Harris, Douglas Janky, Linda (Schmitt) Keller, Hugh McDevitt, Jerome McKernan,  John Recko, Michael Reddish, William Robinson, Michael Rossitto, Robert Svoboda, Mary (Bonde) Watson, and Kenneth Zweig.

Dennis Aandahl, Ann Barton, Jonathon Briggs, Tim Burkhart, Gary Carmichael, Helen (Pearl) Creps, Francis Eskey, Dorothy (Kubat) Hottovy, Patricia (Johnson) King, Roberto Lopez-Molne, Ray Mack, Fred Nevels, Mark Sherman, Dana Stephenson, Robert Taubenheim, Charles Vorhees, and Kim Wheeler.

Timothy Aldrup, Olga Diaz, Karen (Cook) Butler, Dale Darnell, William Dixon, Connie Kubat, Patricia (Flaherty) Kunc, Pamela (Niemeyer) McNally, Mary Milburn, Jeanne (Malolepszy) Moderow, Patricia (Foral) Peterson, Michael Raglin, Diane (Enright) Thomas, and R. Scott Wickham

Rita Blanco, Kathy (Schimonitz) Calkins, John Carter, Gene Chace, Tom Christiansen, Tim Coniglio, Mary (Weiler) Hale, Gary Hupka, Russel Kildare, Michael Morrison, Vic Nebesniak, Charles Renter, Mary Robinson-Burke, Carol Schroeder and Don Smith

Susan (Kuzma) Barrett, John David Beaurivage, Donald Buechel, John Hanlon, Mark Kipper, Larry Kohel, Michael Schrepf, Robert Sherman and Margaret Wayman

Mary (Reese) Brake, Susan (Phillips) Crosland, Mary Emanuel, Lynn Franklin, Dick Irvin, Mark Landkamer, Thomas Millard, Jerold Watton

Patricia Breen. Deborah Brusnahan, Lynn Finney, Mark Fouts, Neil Harper, Samuel Harris, Roger Healy, Rick Hupka,  Lucian “Lou” Kessler, Bruce Kreuzberg, Terri Morin, Vincent Podolak, and Christy (Cook) Quinn

Sharon (Lee) Alder, Dennis Barry, Gregory Dobler, Tom Grosserode, Greg Lehr, Tim Lohmeier, Mary O’Donnell, Diane Ruzicka, Pat (Jennings) Tubman, Thomas Youngblood and Larry Zitek

Tony Franklin, Mary (Sullivan) Knapp, David Reinsch, Steve Royal and Tom Staack

Mark Awakuni Swetland, Margaret Banker, Deborah Brogan, Kathie Harrison, Gereld Higgins, Randall Karpisek, David Knight, Mark Lee, Annette (Olson) Markin, David Reinig, Janet Schroer, Kenneth Shirley, and Debbie Wiltshire

Cindy (Deany) Hanseling, Dale Imlay, Lori (Laux) Johnson, Tim Langan, Bruce Lentz, Michael Stoner and Kathleen (Ress) Wittstruck

Christine (Harrison) Bennett, Bill Davis, Laura (Smith) Duggan, Jerome Masek, Karen (Kavanaugh) Miller, Daniela O’Keefe, Thomas Reinig, Karen Runnings, and Scot Stoner

Paul Mommaerts, Bill Sabata, Charles Shandera, Julieanne (Clifford) Taylor, and Peter Wunderlich

James Bargmann, Deanne (Jakub) Dougherty, John Grosserode, Ralph Hanson, Patricia Ress, Mary (Mead) Rossbach, Kevin Thorpe, Michael York and Patty (Essay) Zemunski

David Lief and Michael Lemonds and  Rex Perkinton

Michael Aksamit, Scott Baumgartner, Timothy Donlan, Shawn Kelley, Terri Maly, Larry Mitchell, Karen (Johnson) Rohde, Gail Scott, and Jay Wilger

Daniel Churilla, Dan Fahrnbruch, Monica (Masek) Loye, Mary (Hanigan) Morin and Mike Royal

Don Borer, Eric Dixon, Gregory Spence and Jacqueline Whitney

Steven Hannasch and Brian Policky

Lynn Salac

Robert Tracy

Stephanie Fiedler, Lonnie Franssen, Alison Gibbs and Diana Rae Schaefer

Toan Bui, Beth Davis, Brian Heath and Sean Varner

Tiffiny McNally

Steve Goodwater and Dan Gourlay

Teena Brandon, Jeffrey Dodd, and Jim Morris

Craig Bixenmann and Candice Harms

David Brokofsky and Geoff Steinkuehler

Elizabeth (Liz) Berney and Brian Towle

Patrick Clinch Xavior Rinkevich and Christopher Russell

Ann Vogel

John Carroll

Kristin Bottger, Courtney Cusick and Clint Eckhout

Matt Grosserode, Neil Hams, Brett Romberg and Laurie Schaefer

Kelsey Clark

David Mueller

Adam McCabe

Elizabeth Anderson and Ryan Hays

Nick High and John Liescheski

Carly Cannon

Kyle VerMaas

Justice Coleman

Please take a moment to pray for ALL the deceased alumni of Pius X High School.  May they never be forgotten and may they live on through the memories of their families, friends and classmates….

To the departed whom we now remember, may peace and bliss be granted in life eternal. May they find grace and mercy before the Lord of heaven and earth. May their souls rejoice in the ineffable good which God has laid up for those who fear Him, and may their memory be a blessing unto those who treasure it. Amen.

Thank you so much and God bless each of you!

P.S….if you know of an alumnus/alumna who has passed away who is not listed, please let me know right away so I can get them added to the slide show. Invitations to the family members have been mailed. If you do not receive one, but have a deceased family member of the Pius X family, and would like to me included in future mailings, or If you would like to attend this Mass on November 2, 2017, please contact Kristin (Edwards) Heath ’91 in the Alumni Office.